New info for 2021 camps!

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STEAM Arabic Immersion Summer Camps

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Dates: All camps will run from Tuesday, July 6th to Friday, July 16th (excluding Saturday 7/10 and Sunday 7/11). 


Location: McLean School in Potomac, MD for in-person camps and via Zoom for virtual options.

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Camp Theme: Souq Al-Arab (The Arab Market)

All campers will learn basic entrepreneurship skills through an integrated STEAM curriculum using 90%+ Arabic immersion.  We use both MSA (Fusha) and dialects.  This year, we will be exploring Iraq, Oman and Tunis through arts, music, calligraphy, literature, and more.  At the showcase, campers will set up physical and virtual markets in an exhibit called “Souq Al-Arab” in which they sell their entrepreneurial inventions and services that combine authentic Arab culture and today’s evolving needs/interests. 

COVID Info: All staff are fully vaccinated and parents will be required to provide proof of their records of vaccination before in-person camps start. 
Covid-safety guidelines and precautions will be followed diligently, and rules and procedures will be shared with registrants in June. 



Frequently asked questions

What measures are you taking to prevent exposure and spread of the Corona virus?

Parents living with camp participants need to show proof of Covid immunization completed at least two weeks before camps start. Alternatively, weekly negative test results could be provided in lieu of immunization. The kids’ temperatures will be checked daily before drop off and as needed during the day. Any symptoms that may indicate illness will necessitate a negative Covid test for child with symptoms to resume attendance.

What do the camps entail in terms of topics covered and learning expected?

We will be exploring Iraq, Oman and Tunis through arts, music, calligraphy, food, and more. Campers will set up souqs representing all three countries in an exhibit called “Souq Al-Arab”that’s open to the public. We will have guest speakers to help with STEM and community service projects as well as field trips to a museum, a zoo, a farm, and/or fun kid places.