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حفلة تنكرية (Dress-up/Camouflage Party)

On November 6th, we are having our first حفلة تنكرية (Dress-up/Camouflage Party) for kids 2 to 8 years old.

Kalimah Explorers dress up and enjoy fun times

Many people don't celebrate Halloween for various reasons. Even if Halloween is not a religious-based celebration, over the years, it has become overly commercialized. Costumes and decorations have become more inappropriate and often stereotypical. The trick-or-treat part has become so habitual, sugar-full, and brain-less. There is barely any meaningful social interaction in it!

Peer pressure and the inescapable nature of the culture of Halloween has made it difficult for young ones who want to partake in the fun, dress-up part, but not the other aspects of it. This event is a Halloween alternative for those who don't mind their kids making and wearing cute costumes to encourage artistic expression and sharpen design thinking skills. 

Costumes aren't required at this party, but a fun-loving attitude is. 

Kids can dress up in fancy party clothes, traditional outfits representing their culture, or just have a cute face-painting, but no full-face masks please. 

A "Camouflage" can also be in the form of an animal that your child wants to teach others about. 

This is in part an attempt to encourage appreciation of nature, natural beauty, and science in an artistic design approach. 

There will be games for kids to meet and greet each other, Arabic children's music to listen and dance to, and some free play time with coloring and 3D shape making art activities. We will also have a mini parade (around the building if the weather is good) and treats for pre-registered kids. 

Activities and Pizza for lunch are included in the fee.

If you are not already registered for this event, we cannot guarantee the availability of space or pizza or treats for your child(ren).

Priority will be given to pre-registered participants. 


John's Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus

9601 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD 20850

Time: 12:00-2:00pm

Find out more here:

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