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Kalimah's 2019 Summer Camps

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

What do parents look for when they decide on which summer camps would be best for their kids? Usually, good camps offer a balance of fun, physical activity, friendship, and some content learning to help decrease or prevent the summer slide. How about you throw into this mix some language learning for some long-term added value?

Kalimah’s STEAM Arabic Immersion Summer Program is the only theme-based Arabic language immersion camp for kids 5-12 years old in the greater Metro DC region. It is also the only Arabic language immersion program in the world to integrate history, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), and interweave culture with content in a fun, play-based, learner-centered approach. Our experienced team of native Arabic speakers excels at using hands-on, multisensory, research-based interactive strategies that aim to increase campers’ language proficiency. Our biggest success? Kids love to speak and learn Arabic and even demand that at home!

In the last three summers, our diverse campers came mostly from cities and states in or around the Washington, DC area. Some, however, came from places as far as Massachusetts, Illinois, Zimbabwe, and Jordan! Spots at all four camps last year filled up fast and we had waiting lists for scholarship-seeking applicants.

This year, our program consists of four 3-week full time day camps; two from July 1st to 19th, and two from July 29th to August 16th. The running theme of the program across all four camps will be “The Silk Road: Food, Water, and Souq of the Arab World”. Using Kalimah’s “Fun Learning” methodology, campers will learn about the Silk Road of the past and how it has evolved to its current (mainly) digital format.

Kalimah’s summer camps’ curriculum employs Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL), drama, and experiential learning to achieve measurable outcomes aligned with the ACTFL standards. Field trips, guest speakers, collaborative projects, and more help solidify the interwoven STEAM concepts under the larger theme umbrella of the Silk Road then and now. As little chefs, scientists, traders, entrepreneurs, and engineers, Kalimah campers meet new friends and build communities while making everlasting memories of fun times!

Kalimah’s 2019 STEAM Arabic Immersion Summer camps’ themes and descriptions:

1) Arabic Sofrah: Food Traditions and Nutrition (July 1-July 19; Ages: 9-12; location: Sandy Spring Museum, Olney, MD)

Campers practice planning, preparing, and serving Arabic Sofrahs (food spreads) for all three meals as they learn the history and evolution of meals and nutrition. Taking turns with different roles and stages of meal prep, campers learn the customs and etiquettes of group eating with Arabs. Projects include comparisons and contrasts of prices, meal presentation, and nutritional contents and values of popular Arab meals and fast food chain restaurants here and there.

2) Sugar and Spice at Tea Time (July 1-July 19; Ages: 5-8; location: Sandy Spring Museum, Olney, MD)

Games and cooking activities help campers learn the history and significance of sugar, spices, herbs, and other Silk Road trade items. Using drama, little traders reenact the historic role of Arab traders in introducing coffee, dates, olives, and more to the rest of the world. As little scientists, they learn to identify, analyze and compare the staples in Arab meals. Hands-on projects include the use of food in innovative STEAM activities and preparing simple recipes for community tea time once a week.

3) Little Engineers Build Bridges (July 29-August 16; Ages: 9-12; location: John's Hopkins University-Montgomery County Campus, Rockville, MD)

Kalimah's Little Engineers build model structures as they learn about the history and evolution of building and transportation in the Arab World. Hands-on projects include designing and building model boats and bridges that must pass stress, stability, and other tests. Experiments with water, sand, starch, and other basic elements helps them explore the states of matter in relation to power, forces, and motion.

4) Little Entrepreneurs: Souq in Action (July 29-August 16; Ages: 5-8; location: John's Hopkins University-Montgomery County Campus, Rockville, MD)

Kalimah’s little inventors get to design and build their own products and inventions to sell and trade at "As-Souq" (the market simulation). Math facts come in handy while interacting with customers (peer campers and parents) at one of two competing town Souqs. Little Entrepreneurs will practice collaborative strategic planning to help their town Souq become the most attractive to “traveling traders” from around the world.

All four camps will encompass full-time Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and multiple dialect immersion in a relaxed, collaborative, welcoming environment. No language prerequisite! All are welcome and will be accommodated into groups based on their levels. A complete beginner level in each camp is guaranteed.

Children above 12 years old who understand and speak Arabic well can apply to become volunteers at one or more of the camps and earn SSL hours.

Camp registration and scholarship applications:

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