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Operation “Cool Summer”

12 Full tuition scholarships remaining to attend our fun, game-based virtual camps!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made some changes to amounts and requirements of QFI-provided tuition scholarships. All tuition scholarships cover 75-100% of the tuition based on availability of funds.

Remaining scholarships will be dispersed on a first-come-first-serve basis to all applicants, regardless of income or merit.

Virtual is still fun and engaging!

Yes, in-person, face-to-face camps are the best. We searched everywhere for a good equivalent, but nothing will fully replace the human face and touch factors!

The closest thing we have now is to create communities and collaborate to have fun virtually with the help of caring, skilled educators who love fun and challenges as much as kids do!

Using Brain Chase's virtual escape room game platform, Kalimah campers must learn and complete daily challenges to unlock clues, solve puzzles, find treasures and advance to different rooms and adventures.

Three themed weekly escape rooms and treasure hunts that motivate all (including adults) to learn, collaborate, and solve puzzles to unlock clues and guess mysteries!

The daily Zoom meetings are where we’ll be singing and speaking Arabic as we strategize about game plans to win daily and weekly challenges! To unlock clues and move ahead, participants are required to complete daily challenges in some set and some changing electives: set electives throughout 3 weeks: engineering and Kalimah-based Arabic: crafts, songs, reading, cooking, history, health (nutrition, movement, yoga, fitness, meditation, and dance); changing weekly electives: art, coding, entrepreneurship and more!

Demo from the "Cairo Bazaar" escape room in “Tomb of Nefertari” adventure:

Schedule & Logistics

11:00am-3:00pm EDT Monday-Friday, July 6-24

Each camper will be assigned a Camp Guide based on their preference of learning Fusha (MSA) or dialenct. We have guides for these four options:

  • Fusha & Shami (Modern Standard Arabic mixed with Shami dialect)

  • Palestinian dialect

  • Egyptian dialect

  • Syrian dialect

Each Camp Guide will be in charge of 5-10 campers and will meet with them daily via a secure Zoom room at the opening session time at 11:00am EDT and closing session at 2:30pm EDT as well as throughout the day in between these times to talk one-on-one, in pairs, in small groups, and to occasionally party as a whole camp 1-2/week.

More details about the schedule, electives, materials and supplies (each participant will receive a package in the mail), and more will be available soon.

Are you ready for fun challenges and unforgettable adventures with the Kalimah Team?

Tuition scholarships by Qatar Foundation International are still available! Apply now

Registration closes Tuesday, June 30th, 2020.

This is a unique opportunity that may never come along again!

Snatch a full-tuition scholarship before they're gone; apply here:

Introducing Kalimah's "Cool Summer" Awards!

Check out the latest updates and more details about the virtual summer camps, awards, and more on our Facebook event page

Tower of prizes for winners of Kalimah’s “Cool Summer” awards!

Categories and qualifications for these prizes will be announced soon.

“Just imagine how much cooler I’ll be in summer” - Olaf, Frozen

We are super excited and looking forward to another cool summer!

The Kalimah Team

Kalimah : Arabic Culture & Arts

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